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Industrial PC Solutions


Lite-On’s K8 Industrial Solid-State Drive is
Intel approved. Our drive has passed all
extensive inspection and compatibility
testing. This reaffirms that the K8 series
is compatible in any one of the NUC
motherboards or platforms from Intel.

Best-in Class IPC solutions with Stability, Durability and Manageability

Encompassing a wide range of demanding applications from Automotive to Transportation or Aerospace to Digital Signage, the market for Industrial PC solutions is growing rapidly. Lite-On’s Industrial SSDs deliver reliable performance in rugged conditions due to do a variety of restrictions such as temperature and space constraints. Thanks to Lite-On’s industrial solutions portfolio, we are able to offer a variety of capacities, industrial temperature options and small form factors. Each drive is developed to fit the need of specific industrial PC environments.

IPC devices inherently require more stability, durability, and manageability than do traditional computers. IPC devices must operate in difficult environments reliably. They need to endure the rigorous demands of exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibration. In these conditions, the advantages of SSDs become clear: solid-state technology with no mechanical wear, no noise, low heat output, and low power consumption. Furthermore, the benefit of high-speed search/read performance and Lite-On strict testing regimen ensure the reliability of its SSDs. Lite-On can provide different specification SSD products depending on the application and environmental challenges, including drives for use in industrial temperature ranges (-40 °C to +85 °C) and commercial temperature ranges (0 °C to +70 °C).


Every Lite-On manufactured SSD product is tested using industry standard specification procedures, ensuring the reliability, stability, and excellent data retention. Furthermore, Lite-On SSD products undergo custom quality tests as per customer design requirements; thus providing best-in class storage solutions for medical equipment, gaming  products, and digital signage.

Medical Electronic Equipment
The health care industry demands medical equipments with high reliability, high stability, and low maintenance needs.   SSDs in these equipments must be long lasting and must remain error-free throughout their long lives.  Every Lite-On SSD   features  Global Wear-Leveling, Bad Block management algorithms, built-in ECC error correction, and other diverse technologies  ensuring high reliability data storage and  a dramatic extension of the drive’s life.  This means that you can be completely confident in every Lite-On SSD used in the medical equipments.

Gaming Devices
Lite-On understands the requirements of the gaming industry; we test all our drives using state-of-the-art FLEXSTAR test systems and  ongoing reliability testing to simulate a variety of real working conditions.  Drives are designed to withstand a variety of temperatures and shock and are impact resistant. They also support SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) and Security Command features and can have various customized services specifically based upon each customer’s needs.  Together, this ensures that Lite-On SSDs used in gaming systems deliver the highest quality with complete reliability.


Digital Signage
When high capacity storage is required for digital signage, the use of SSDs improves performance, simplifies design, and reduces maintenance costs. This is because SSD storage solutions have better shock resistance, longer data retention time, faster file search, and lower amounts of power consumption.  Furthermore, with Lite-On, each device undergoes a  rigorous 22.5 hour factory burn-in test to ensure the best quality product with excellent reliability and stability.